BC Place Land Development

B.C. Pavilion Corporation (PavCo) is a Crown corporation that owns BC Place and land to the west of the stadium. The development of land to the west of BC Place has always been part of an overall revitalization plan for this site.
In 2009, PavCo invited companies to submit proposals for the development of land to the west of BC Place. Paragon Gaming was selected as the preferred proponent to develop this site. In January 2010, Paragon and PavCo entered into a Master Development Agreement (MDA) for the development and operation of the proposed project.

An updated MDA was signed in March 2013. PavCo is the owner of the project site which, subject to certain requirements, will be ground leased to Paragon for a term of 70 years from public opening. PavCo is not responsible for the development of the complex or its operation once it is completed.

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