Board Governance

PavCo follows the Best Practice Guidelines developed by the Board Resourcing and Development Office of the Office of the Premier and published in its document "Governance and Disclosure Guidelines for Governing Boards of British Columbia Public Sector Organizations". 

Several terms of reference and policies are published in accordance with these guidelines. 

Taxpayer Accountability Principles Addendum to 2014/15 Government Letter of Expectations (icon_pdf2.gif 158 KB)

2017 Government Mandate Letter (icon_pdf2.gif 134 KB)

Board Chair - Position Description (icon_pdf2.gif 72 KB)
Board Governance Guidelines (icon_pdf2.gif 84 KB) 
Board Meetings without Management (icon_pdf2.gif 39 KB)
Charter of Directors Expectations (icon_pdf2.gif 75 KB)
Chief Executive Officer - Position Description (icon_pdf2.gif 90 KB) 
Standards of Ethical Conduct for Directors of PavCo (icon_pdf2.gif 180 KB) 
Terms of Reference - Corporate Secretary (icon_pdf2.gif 72 KB)

Board reporting

Board of Directors Meeting April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016 (icon_pdf2.gif 106 KB)


B.C. Pavilion Corporation and Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project Ltd. amalgamated effective April 1, 2008. The new amalgamated organization is named B.C. Pavilion Corporation, and has the same shareholder and Board of Directors as that of the two predecessor organizations.